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Halloween Costume & Decoration Ideas and Savings

By: CouponToken Blog | October 11, 2020

COVID 19 has affected every aspect of life. Name it economic stability or social life; everything is suffering. People are spending on savings, cutting their budget. Although things are getting back to usual routines, offices are opening workers are returning to work, but still, there is a long way to adopt this new type of ordinary. And in all these problems and cut-outs, we never realized that Halloween is around the corner.

Halloween can weigh heavily on your budget as it involves lots of stuff, costumes, decors, candies, etc., especially when you are responsible for a big family. You may find a rush everywhere people are looking out for Halloween costume ideas, Halloween deals, and some are also searching for Halloween decoration coupons to save on budget.

Celebrations mean to bring joy and happiness, and Halloween, known as a spooky celebration, still brings cheers and smiles to faces. In the world's current scenario, we already need relaxation and joyous events to ease our stress.

According to a survey of 2017 & 2018, people spend more than 80% on the trio of Halloween candy, costumes, and decorations. National Retail Foundation stated that people spent an estimated 9.1 billion USD in 2017 and 2018 on Halloween. And this is a considerable amount to be considered.

So, celebrations are at the door but don't strain yourself with expensive costumes and decadent décor. I have gathered a few unique and attractive ideas for everyone who wants something appealing and economical for Halloween Costume & decoration ideas and savings you can make.

Savings on Dress

Here are some tips on how you can save money on buying Halloween dresses. Halloween costumes are spooky fun, and costly spending on single right clothing can directly put you into the red zone. Here are some Halloween costume ideas in your budget

1.      DIY:

Many DIY tricks can save you from buying a new shirt this year. Are you having some Harry Potter shirt? Checkout for the ways which can help you in turning it into Vampire one! Are you having a black shirt, use some art paint on it and make it look spooky this Halloween? With a black shirt, you may only need some makeup and fangs for Halloween inspiration.

2.      Halloween deals:

Look out for Halloween deals; why buy something expensive when you can get all those stuff at a significantly discounted price. Halloween stuff can be very cheap if you buy them through discount deals. Several deals are available in the market online.

3.      Go Thrifty:

Gems are found in thrift shops sometimes! Well, fun apart, you can always find unique and stylish costumes in thrift shops. When Halloween is around the corner, you will find an exclusive collection in their shops. Mostly, people wear Halloween costumes once or twice, and then people put them on sale; that's why you will mostly find them in decent shape and new style. So when you buy something from a thrift shop, let it pass through dry cleaning or freezing to kill any unwanted passenger with them, e.g., bedbugs.

4.      Sale your old stuff:

Like you can buy from a thrift shop, you can always sell off your last year's Halloween clothing. By selling the old ones, you will have the extra money in your hand, and you can spend it on other stuff like decoration and candies.

Savings on decoration

Once you have a fixed budget for the dress, it is time for decorations. Hosting a party is a must, and here decorations can go far beyond expensive, so it is better you stick to your budget and plan smartly. Here's how you can save on decorations.

1.      DIY tricks:

DIY is mot confine to dresses and costumes. And if you are looking toward saving on decoration, instead of rushing to some specialty store, try DIY. Take the stuff you kept from last year or any previous celebration and think of ideas on how you can save money by changing them for Halloween.

2.      Personal touch:

Festivals are all about gathering and bringing family together. So let's get together in decoration and add your personal touch. Make children draw and display their work in mass-produced trinkets. Let children come with their decoration ideas and make place spooky with art crafts you all made together. Decorating and preparing home all together with your masterpieces might not be the best Halloween decorations in the neighborhood. But it will defiantly strengthen your family bond, and children will love to show off their creativity.

3.      Halloween Decoration coupons:

Halloween deals are always very economical, and you can buy real pretty stuff in discount deals. Decorations always come expensive but buying through shopping coupons can be cheaper. Discount coupons are available online, and you can also visit this link for exclusive Halloween decoration coupons. You will find exclusive and attractive deal coupons on this site, not only, which will help you save a remarkable amount.

Savings on Candies:

Savings on candies is a big task; you have to make sure that stuff is tasty and appealing for kids, and kids will remember you throughout the year for delicious candies. Here are simple tips on saving money on sweets.

1.      Do not rush for brand names; look for good and healthy stuff in nearby stores.

2.      Wait for last-minute shopping for candies; this way, you will find excellent deals and cheap rates.

3.      Use Halloween deals to buy candies.

Plan Ahead:

Halloween stands for lots of preparation, and last-minute shopping can be risky; sometimes, you will get a discount, and many times, you have to buy something expensive as its only left.


Halloween is about to kick off, and soon after, Thanks, Christmas will be following all along. So it is better to make a budget for all these festivities according to your income and resources. Look for costume and decoration ideas that can save your money. This way, you will buy the necessary items under budget.

Stick to list:

Once you have planned everything around, you must stick to the list; this will help you save a lot. Keep your eye on your mission. If the list says its day to buy this much candies stick to it, and in the end, you will be surprised with the savings you had.

Limit the purchase:

You can save a significant amount of expenses by limiting your purchase, for instance:

1.      Savings on Masks

Plastic and rubber masks are not suitable for health; in fact, many associations have claimed that these masks are dangerous for eyesight and can cause breathing problems. SO avoid buying covers and use makeup and marker paints. Eventually, you will get safe money and health in one shot.

2.      Buying Accessories:

Only buy the necessary accessories like you have leotard and jeans; all you need is to add ears, and a spooky cat is ready.


Last but not least, DIY and other stuff can help save money, but if you want the fastest route to save, go for Halloween shopping through discount coupons. Here you can find exclusive discount coupon deals. Click now and enjoy the best variety this Halloween.