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HCG Ultra Diet

Does the HCG diet work? Yes, it does and this is why. A low calorie diet used in combination with a hormone known as HCG can cause weight loss that is quick, easy and safe. It is estimated most dieters who participate in the HCG diet plan are able to lose ½ to 1 pound per day.

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Losing Weight Using HCG Diet Drops

Are you growing tired and frustrated with your weight loss battle? Have you tried every diet in the book, but nothing seems to work for you? Maybe you have tried to join a gym and work out regularly, but you found that the others in the gym were intimidating and everyone was in such good shape that you had no desire to go back. If you are feeling fat and unmotivated, there is some news that can change your entire life. The problem with most weight loss programs are that the results take such a long time to achieve, people often become frustrated and unmotivated. This causes them to give up long before they ever have a chance to see results. Thousands of women have achieved the amazing results that are possible by going on the HGC ultra diet plan. You can expect to lose anywhere from 20-40 pounds or even more- in one month! You will see results in the first few days, which will help you to stay motivated. The best part is, it is extremely simple to follow. The meal plan does not require you to buy any fancy health food, you will just be living on an extremely low calorie diet. The best part is, you do not have to do any crazy strenuous exercise routines on the HCG Ultra diet plan. It is all about what you are eating.

After reading all of this, you are probably wondering how the HGC ultra diet plan can work for you when so many things have failed for you in the past. How it works is you are going to take the HGC drops once a day. They mimic the same type of hormone that pregnant women receive which allows them to live on less calories. This is how you are going to be able to maintain your 600 calorie a day diet, which is all that you are going to be consuming for the 30 days that you are on this program. Your low calorie diet is going to be very strict. For breakfast, you will be able to eat a piece of fruit, but there are some fruits such as grapes and bananas that are not permitted. For lunch, you get vegetables. You cannot put dressing or seasoning on them! For dinner, you will have four ounces of lean protein (chicken or fish) and again, vegetables. No dressing, no seasoning. Although you will feel hungry at first, the drops will help you immensely. Your body will also get used to it.

What Should I expect?

It is not uncommon to feel hungry the first few days of the low calorie diet. It will take about 48 hours for the HCG Ultra Diet Drops to dampen hunger and trigger the release of the fat stored. Including fibrous vegetables such as brussels sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli as a regular part of your diet will help increase weight loss. Water and fibre intake are two keys necessary to ensure HCG weight loss success.

The ingredients contained in the HCG Ultra Diet Drops work together with the hormone HCG and produce a formula superior to all others. We discovered combining the proprietary HCG protocol and our superior formula, the mixture sends a message to the hypothalamus to release the accumulation of stored fat. The HCG weight loss plan works on a combination of the HCG Ultra Diet Drops and a diet low in calories. The average weight loss experienced by HCG Ultra Diet Drops is similar to that of someone who is on a typical HCG diet. One of the benefits of the HCG weight loss plan is while losing weight and eating a healthy diet, the dieter learns how to make better food choices and eat healthy. This new and improved relationship with food, makes it easier for the dieter to minimize or even eliminate gaining the lost weight back.

Success Stories

Dana Lost 60 lbs and is getting younger with HCG Ultra!!!
Dana's Success
Dear HCG Ultra, I am sold on this product. Along with losing the weight I was able to reduce my high blood pressure and diabetic medicines by 50%. One medication I was able to eliminate. My energy level has increased and I swear it has added years to my life as I am 66 years old. Thank you. Dana from AZ

Karen is 36 lbs lighter with 28 inch waist!
Karen's Success

At one time, I weighed 203 pounds. I know I had to lose weight and I researched various methods. I read HCG Diet Drop reviews and decided to give the program a chance. I am 36 pounds lighter and I feel great! My goal is to lose another 43 pounds and I know I can do it. My husband did not have much faith in my ability to lose weight, but after my first week on the HCG plan, he saw the weight just fall away and he became a believer. My clothes size was an 18 and now I wear a 10/12. I will continue with the drops until I reach my goal weight. Thank you, HCG, for a great diet plan! Karen M.